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TDP Workshops

Four workshops are at the core of the TDP Project. Taking into account the different curricular realities, the workshops focus each on a different academic discipline; Engineering, Business Education, Social Sciences and Humanities, and Law respectively.

Participants include senior staff and faculty from higher education institutions, representatives of the private sector, government and accreditation agencies from the US, Canada and Germany. It is also our goal to involve students in our dialogue. 

To ensure a “hands-on” character of the workshops, the number of participants is limited. A call for participation is issued on a competitive basis a few months before each workshop.

The TDP workshops aim at promoting the idea of transatlantic cooperation in higher education and closer curricular collaboration. One of our goals is to help create a better understanding of each other as the lack of knowledge of  the “other side of the Atlantic” oftentimes leads to misunderstanding and wrong assumptions. After all, knowledge creates trust and trust is the basis of successful cooperation. Furthermore, our workshops provide the participants with an opportunity to discuss a variety of issues in the field of joint and double degrees. Featured best practice examples help answer questions such as: How can joint programs be established? What problems and obstacles might arise and which are the possible solutions? Producing practical tools, recommendations and guidelines for transatlantic cooperation is a major goal of the workshops.

The detailed discussion topics include:

  • accreditation of joint and double degree programs
  • legal and administrative matters
  • funding and fundraising
  • tuition fees
  • laguage issues
  • curricular integration
  • differences in semester duration
  • assessment of credentials / study outcomes and study content
  • recruitment
  • marketing of joint programs
  • search for partner institutions
  • employers’ demands and requirements