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"Aesthetics and Democracy"

Fluck Symposium

Fluck Symposium

A Symposium in Honor of Winfried Fluck's 75th Birthday

May 3, 2019

Freie Universität Berlin | John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies | Room 340

Symposium Program

12:15h: Welcome

12:20h: Greeting by Catrin Gersdorf (Executive Director German Association for American Studies)

12:30h: Donald E. Pease (Dartmouth): “Did Tocqueville Consider American Democracy an Aesthetic Experiment?”

Moderator: Frank Kelleter (JFKI/GSNAS)

14:00h: Heike Paul (Erlangen): “Reeducation and Romance”

Moderator: Dustin Breitenwischer (EXC2020/FU Berlin)

15:30h: Coffee Break

16:00h: Johannes Voelz (Frankfurt) – “The Aesthetics of Polarization”

Moderator: Heinz Ickstadt (JFKI)

17:30h: Walter Benn Michaels (U of Illinois) – “Talking about My Generation: Art and Politics in the Age of Fluck"

Moderator: Ulla Haselstein (JFKI)

19:00h: Conclusion by Jessica Gienow-Hecht (Director of the JFKI)