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Eric A. Posner, "Liberal Internationalism and the Populist Backlash"

20.06.2017 | 18:30

On 20 June the international graduate school "Human rights under pressure” (FU Berlin/Hebrew University) is hosting a guest lecture by Eric A. Posner on

"Liberal Internationalism and the Populist Backlash"

Eric Posner is one the leading international lawyers in the United States and author of a number of controversial discussed books, including “The Limits of International law" (with Jack Goldsmith, 2005) and "The Twilight of Human Rights Law" (2014).

More information can be found here:


The lecture is open to the public.

Zeit & Ort

20.06.2017 | 18:30

Hörsaal B, Henry Ford-Bau
Freie Universität