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"Welcome to the Liberal State: Place Branding as a Diplomatic Practice, 1920s-1950s", panel discussion with Marlene Ritter, Tobias Klee, Lesar Yurtsever and Jessica Gienow-Hecht

15.05.2023 | 18:00

In this semester's series of talks in the Research Colloquium for North American History, Marlene RitterTobias KleeLesar Yurtsever and Jessica Gienow-Hecht will hold a panel discussion titled "Welcome to the Liberal State: Place Branding as a Diplomatic Practice, 1920s-1950s"

In this colloquium session, Jessica Gienow-Hecht, Tobias Klee, Marlene Ritter, and Lesar Yurtsever will explore liberal place branding as a diplomatic practice. As they will show, Catalan secessionists during the Primo de Rivera regime pursued different political objectives than Kemal Atatürk in the 1930s, or European institutions in the 1950s. Yet all of these actors strove to put Catalonia, Turkey, or Europe as liberal places on the map. This panel unites four research projects from International History in diverse geographical and temporal contexts. Showcasing different actors and uses of strategic, explicitly “liberal” imagery, they explore the correlation between imagined and geopolitical space and the branding of liberalism itself.

Soon to be held at the New Diplomatic History Conference (NDH) in Turku, this panel invites students and colleagues to a lively discussion and to give feedback to the panelists. 

Location & Time:

May 15th, 2023

Room 201, JFKI

6 pm