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Dissertationen und Habilitationen


Laufende Dissertationsprojekte

Lea Kröner:

Indigenous Missionaries in the Pacific Northwest during the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century

Anne van der Pas: 

(In)voluntary Enfranchisement: The Institutionalisation of Indigenous Identity in Canadian Governmental Policy

Lesar Yurtsever: 

Sounds of the Liberal Script: Music, Race and U.S.-Turkish Relations between 1923 and 1945

Ethan Ruby:

Mischaracterized Heroines: The ironically misleading portrayal of American nurses' First World War experiences in US media missed the real, extraordinary medical work accomplished by them; as told by the nurses themselves. How the historical devaluation and caricaturization of women nurses and their reactions to what they experienced remains a trend marginalizing the voices of women medical workers today.

Valeria Benko:

Managing the West: the Public Debate on the Third World and the Form of Global Governance (1974-1977).

Sarah Epping:

The United States in Mesopotamia (Iraq), to 1921 (working title).

Lene Annette Karpp:

Fighting from the Margins: Punk (and) Feminist Practices in New York City, 1970s - 2010s.

Victoria Tafferner:

Iron Teeth and Brittle Bodies: Visual Cultures of Women's Occupational Health in Industrial America.

Carolin Viktorin:

Branding Spain. Die Kultur-und Tourismuspolitik des Franco-Regimes als nationale Imagewerbung in Westeuropa 1945-1975.


Abgeschlossene Dissertationen seit 2010

Kira Álvarez:

Migrant Capital and Social Networks: The Western Classical Music World between the U.S. and Mandate Palestine/Israel, 1920s-1960s.

Maximilian Klose:

Why They Gave: CARE, the U.S. Public, and Humanitarian Engagement for Germany after World War II

Helen Gibson:

Joyriding Across the Color Line: Automotivity and Citizenship in the United States, 1895-1939.

Mare Pit:

HOWL: Retelling the History of the North American Arctic from a Dog's Perspective.

Nadja Klopprogge:

Seperate but Equal?: Contesting the Concept of Equality, African American GIs in Occupied Germany.

Javad Asgharirad:

US Public Diplomacy towards Iran since September 11, 2001 (Graduiertenschule Nordamerikastudien, Juni 2012).

Rebecca Brückmann:

Massive Resistance and Southern Womanhood: Women's Activities in the Segregationist Counter-Movement.

Elisabeth Engel:

African American (Anti-)colonialism: The African Methodist Episcopal Church and Colonial Africa, 1918-1939.

Silke Hackensch:

Constructing Blackness. Chocolate as a Racial Signifier in Historical and Cultural Perspective (2011).

Markus Kienscherf:

Holding the Fort versus Holding the Street: Techniques of Social Control and Global (Counter)Insurgencies (2011).

Stefanie Land-Hilbert:

Narrating the Other: Indigenous Representations in Twentieth-Century Australian and Canadian School Books.

Simone Müller-Pohl:

"The Transatlantic Telegraphs and the Wiring of the World, 1858-1914. Cultural Networks in Maritime Space" (2011).

Jane Preuß:

Social Work, Stratification Processes and the Fight for Racial Justice in The Association for the Protection of Colored Women.

Phillip Reick:

Protection and Emancipation in Moments of Historical Crisis: A Comparative Analysis of Social Movements in Berlin and New York City in the 1870s and 1930s.

Marcel Will:

Sino-American Normalization, the Taiwan Relations Act, and U.S. Preponderance in the Asia-Pacific.