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Gary Soroka

Gary Soroka

Born in Montréal, Canada, Gary Soroka was educated in Canada and Scotland where he earned a PhD in Political Thought in 1980.  He joined Canada’s Department of External Affairs in 1976,  and has served at Headquarters in the Political and Strategic Analysis Division, the Cabinet Liaison Division, the Policy Planning Secretariat, the Personnel Bureau and the Consular Policy Division. He served as Director of Political and Security Policy from 1993-95.

He has served abroad at Canadian Embassies in Washington, New Delhi, London, Costa Rica and Berlin. In 1986-87, he was the Canadian Exchange Officer in the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Soroka has worked on four comprehensive foreign policy reviews during his career. In 1990, he worked on a review of Canadian security policy. In 1993, he served on a task force looking at the future of the Canadian foreign ministry. He has, throughout his career, written many speeches for Canadian Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers and senior officials on foreign policy subjects.

Mr. Soroka is married to Sabine Sparwasser, a member of the German Foreign Service, and they have two children.