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Dr. Anne Nassauer

Abteilung Soziologie

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research and Teaching Interests:

  • Sociology of Violence
  • Social Movements
  • Collective Action and Crowd Behavior
  • Visual Sociology
  • Micro-Sociology
  • Research Design
  • Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)


Current Research Projects

  • Patterns of Collective Violence: Situational Interactions in Violent Protests and Riots.
  • Failed Interaction Rituals: Store Robberies Gone Wrong.
  • From Sticks to Carrots: Institutions, Culture, and the Transnational Diffusion of a New Social Movement Strategy (with Ion Bogdan Vasi, Universtiy of Iowa)


Selected Publications

Nassauer, Anne and Helmut Anheier. Forthcoming. The ‘swarm intelligence’ and Occupy: Recent subterranean politics in Germany, in Martin Albrow and Hakan Seckinelgin (eds), Global Civil Society 2011. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 

Nassauer, Anne. 2012. Violence in demonstrations: A Comparative Analysis of Situational Interaction Dynamics at Social Movement Protests. Dissertation, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

Labigne, Anael and Anne Nassauer. 2012. Violence in Civil Society. Insights from the CIVICUS Civil Society Index Databases, in Wolfgang Dörner and Regina List (eds), Civil Society, Conflict and Violence. London: Bloomsbury Academic. 

Nassauer, Anne. 2010. “From Hate to Collective Violence. Research and Practical Implications.” Journal of Hate Studies, Vol. 9 (1).

Nassauer, Anne. 2010. “Protest und Gewalt. Zur Notwendigkeit einer empirischen Untersuchung situativer Interaktion.” BGSS Working Paper No. 2, Department of Social Sciences, Humboldt- Universität zu Berlin.

Dahlem Research School
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft