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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs concerning the JFKI grant



Before application …


Who is eligible for a type A grant (1.200 Euro)?

Only individuals with regular monthly incomes below 1.200 Euros are eligible for type A grants.




After reception of the JFKI grant …


Will the JFKI take care of accommodations in Berlin?

Grant recipients are expected to find accommodations on their own. A list of possible accommodations is located here: (LINK). Grant recipients are encouraged to look for housing early if affordability and distance from the JFKI are important.


May grant recipients stay longer than two weeks if grant type B is received?

Yes, type B grant recipients may extend their research time up to three or four weeks.


May grant recipients stay longer than four weeks if grant type A is received?

Yes, type A grant recipients may extend their research time up to five or six weeks.


Does the JFKI provide for travel expenses? How are these expenses reimbursed?

The JFKI does provide for travel expenses up to a maximum of 300 Euros. These distributed in a lump sum payment which is calculated based on expected costs of travel. Grant recipients will receive their travel allocation in combination with their stipend payment. For example, if a grant recipient is awarded 1.200 Euros for grant type A and a travel allocation of 150 Euros, they will receive a total amount of 1.350 Euros. Grant recipients are not required to provide proof of travel expenses.


Are the grants paid in cash?

No. Grant recipients will receive a grant check that must be cashed in a Berlin banking institution. Detailed information will be distributed to grant recipients upon their arrival.


Why must grant recipients send their passport number or ID card number prior to their research stay?

The JFKI has to apply for each grant recipient’s grant check at the financial administration of the Freie Universität. The passport number or ID card number of the grant recipient is included in this application to identify individuals when they pick up their grant check from the Freie Universität cash desk. Grant recipients are urged to send their passport number or ID card number as soon as possible. Visiting scholars that do not do so may find it difficult to obtain their grant check when they first arrive in Berlin.


When should grant recipients inform the JFKI about when they plan to come to Berlin?

Grant recipients are encouraged to inform the JFKI as soon as possible about the approximate date of their stay (e.g. the month). This information is included when applying for the recipient’s grant check. Exact dates may be sent later.


What happens if a grant recipient has to delay their announced research stay in Berlin?

Grant recipients unable to come during their announced date should inform the JFKI as soon as possible. They may reschedule their stay for a later date.


Are grant recipients able to split up their research time in Berlin into multiple periods?

This is possible, but grant recipients who wish to do so should the JFKI as soon as possible.




In case of an unsuccessful application …


Are grant applicants not awarded a JFKI library grant allowed to nevertheless visit the JFKI library?

Yes, our library is open to all individuals interested in North American studies! Extra permission is not required, but prior to any visit we do recommend contacting our reference librarian to optimize the time spent in the library and ensure we will be open during a planned stay.