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Thomas Castañeda erhält Willi-Paul-Adams-Preis 2020

News vom 21.01.2021

Das John-F.-Kennedy-Institut verleiht den diesjährigen Willi-Paul-Adams-Preis 2020 an Thomas Castañeda für seine Abschlussarbeit in der Abteilung Literatur. Aus dem offiziellen Statement der Preis-Kommission:

"Thomas Castañeda’s MA thesis, “The Sense of Selena: A Thesis on Brownness” explores the life and legacy of the iconic singer Selena, and, more broadly, the concept of ‘Brownness’ as developed by José Esteban Muñoz. It is a passionately and eloquently written work dedicated to a very timely topic. In a fast-paced, clearly argued, and highly original text, Mr. Castañeda guides his reader through all aspects necessary for understanding the phenomenon of Selenidad, combining historical overview, close readings of her performance on- and off-stage, and theoretical explorations of disco, camp, and, of course, Muñoz’s impactful thoughts on “feeling brown” and its significance for Latinx identity. It is a work fully deserving to be awarded the 2020 Willi-Paul-Adams Prize for the best MA Thesis."

Weiterhin wird die Arbeit "From Curative to Preventative Sterilization: Therapeutic and Eugenic Sterilization Under the California State Commission in Lunacy" (Abt. Geschichte) von Gregor Herz zusätzlich mit dem Prädikat honorable mention