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JFKInterviews - Session #5 - Daniela Iacona

14.07.2021 | 18:00 s.t.


Do you wonder about the future occasionally (or all the time), pondering what to do once you have your degree in NAS? Then fret not, my angst-ridden millennial friends, for the students have decided to take matters into their own hands!

Please take note of the fifth installment of our student-run events series called JFKInterviews!

These interactive interviews will give you the opportunity to have a chat with people who have similar academic backgrounds as us and have found amazing jobs since their graduation! The format is deliberately interactive, so you don’t just join in on another boring and meandering WebEx session where nobody read the assigned texts, ahem.


For our final, but hardly last ever, installment we present to you Daniela Iacona!

She is the Director for International Engagement and Governance at ABET, a non-profit, non-governmental organization that accredits college and university-level programs in the disciplines of applied & natural sciences, computing, engineering, and engineering technology worldwide. She holds a BA in International Studies from Old Dominion University, Virginia, as well as a Master of Global Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona, and has been working at ABET for an astounding 15 years, now directing all international initiatives as well as managing all operational activities related to the governance of ABET, such as the Board of Directors.

Alright, okay – but what does that mean? That means she is in charge of a globally operating NGO with obvious ties to academia and a background that has significant overlap with our studies programs here at the JFK-I. Who better to tell you about what to look out for when you are planning a career than a person who is literally running a global NGO!

No more excuses – the European Championship in that funny ball kicking game is ending on Sunday and the last week of class is usually reserved for repetitive questions about term papers and exams, all of which the syllabus answers anyway. Join us for Session #5 on Wednesday, July 14., 6pm over WebEx:

Wednesday, Jul 14, 2021 6:00 pm | (UTC+02:00) Berlin
Meeting number:        121 715 2544
Password:                 dmFP3DuJj33

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Well, that’s it, folks – at least for this semester. But we are already preparing another roster of new speakers and we are still very much open for input. So, if you know a guy, who knows a gal, who has a relative with a NAS degree or something similar, who would like to share the secrets of how they turned that into a successful career, give us a holler! Either way, contact us on the JFK-I Discord Server under #events and talk to us about what you’d like to see!


Your JFKInterviews Team,

Deanna Wright (MA), Max Elias (MA), Felix Kiener (BA) & Thilo Prange (BA)