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Our questions towards potential speakers!

To give potential speakers and talk attendees a better sense of what we would like to hear from our guests, we have compiled the following set of prompts. Speakers are of course free to deviate from these as they see fit.

If you have an addition to this primer or constructive criticism, don't be afrad to contact us about it!

Academic background

○ What did you study and why?

■ Undergrad & Post-grad – did you get a higher degree? Why or why not?

○ Did what you study influence your current career choice?

■ If so, how and in what way? If not, why not?

○ How did you get to where you are today?

■ Side-jobs, part-time jobs, self-study, connections

○ Did you undertake any internships or extra-curricular activities?

■ If so, how did you find them, and apply?

Professional Steps

○ How did you go about deciding your career/your field?

○ What was the event/catalyst for getting you to the path you’re on now?

○ How did you establish a network?

■ How did you determine what experiences and connections were worthwhile?

■ Who helped you the most?

○ What were your challenges (big or small) and how did you overcome them?

Lessons learned

○ What do you find most rewarding or fulfilling about what you do?

○ What is the worst thing you’ve seen your colleagues do?

■ What are the don’ts in your job?

■ What’s the worst thing [about your job]?

○ What is your work-life balance?

○ If you want this specific job or want to work in this particular field, what do you need to know?

■ What are the circumstances you have to plan for?
   (Such as Moving / time commitments / lifestyle changes / etc.)

○ Would you recommend the same path you took? How would you recommend going about it now?

○ Are you where you want to be? What’s next? What are your plans? Further education etc.?

Student connections

○ Do you have any links/resources/books/recommendations you’d like to share with us/the students?

○ Is there anything that you would like to know about us (the students)?

○ Would you be open to providing your contact information to any students who want to know more from you about the field or wish to network with you?

■ If yes, please provide your preferred contact details (email / LinkedIn).