Terra Courses

Summer Term 2016 (Heather Diack)

  • The Challenge of Contemporary Art within American Culture (BA)
  • Theorizing American Photography (MA)

Summer Term 2015 (Michele Bogart)

  • Arts for the Public, 1890-2010 (BA)
  • From Public Sculpture to Public Art (MA)

Winter Term 2014/15 (Michael Schreyach)

  • Art and Culture in the United States after 1945 (BA)
  • Abstract Expressionism and Formalist Criticism in Context, 1940-1967 (MA)

Summer Term 2014 (Kenneth Haltman)

  • History of American Art (BA)
  • Visual Analysis (MA)

Winter Term 2013/14 (Andrew Hemingway)

  • New Deal Culture (BA)
  • Art and Radicalism in the United States, c. 1901-1929 (MA)