Dissertationen und Habilitationen

Prof. Dr. Ulla Haselstein



  • Bockmann, Lars-Frederik; Diasporic Dilemmas: Jewish American Identity and Double Structures of Collective Memory in the Novels of Michael Chabon (AT).

  • Damböck, Elisabeth: Beyond Diasporas: Transcultural/Transnational Issues in Recent South Asian – North American Texts.

  • Feng Jie; The Representation of Transnationalism in Yiyun Li’s Fiction (AT).

  • Haensell, Dominique: All the World in One Place: Urban Cosmopolitanism in Contemporary Diasporic Fiction (AT).

  • Jochum, Tobias: Reimagining the Intolerable: The Ethics in Representation in Contemporary Transnational Narratives of  Feminicide (AT).

  • Kohrs, Johannes: The Crisis of Representation – Race and Recognition in the Field of Contemporary African American Literature: Percival Everett (AT).

  • Majewska, Magda: The Representation of Sexuality in Postmodern Literature (AT).

  • McSherry, Siofra: Gift Exchange and the Poetry of Marianne Moore (AT).

  • Michaelis, Birgit: Magic Mina: Paradigmatische Betrachtung der Wirkmächtigkeit von Wort und Bild im Gesamtwerk Mina Loys (AT).

  • Odabas, Janna: Ghostliness in Contemporary Asian American Literature (AT).

  • Potgieter, Koen: Responding to Urban Crisis: The Black Ghetto Novel since 1940 (AT).

  • Schaser, Hannes: Cultural Critique and the Essay as Form (AT).

  • Scheerer, Frank: Die Afrokaribische Diaspora zwischen Exil und Repatriierung. Das afrikanische Momentum in der Literatur und Kultur Jamaicas (AT).


  • Bahmany, Leila: A Virtual Site of Ambivalence. The Mirror and the Psychology of the Specular Reflection in the Works of Forugh Farrokhzad and Sylvia Plath (abgeschl. 2012).

  • Beissenhirtz, Alexander: Affirmation and Resistance. The Politics of the Jazz Life in the Self-Narratives of Louis Armstrong, Art Pepper, and Oscar Peterson (abgeschl. 2010).

  • Dikant, Thomas: Landschaft und Territorium: Amerikanische Literatur, Expansion und die Krise der Nation 1784-1866 (abgeschl. 2011).

  • Dorson, James: Counternarrative Possibilities: Virgin Land, Homeland, and Cormac McCarthy’s Negative Imagination (abgeschl. 2011).

  • Eis, Melanie: The Beat Generation - On the Road to Rebellion? The Counterculture's Investment in Whiteness and Masculinity (abgeschl. 2016).

  • Frese, Sophia: „’No Cover Up’: Jewish- and Palestinian-American Literature on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (abgeschl. 2012).

  • Golubiewski, Mikołaj: The Personae of Czesław Miłosz: Self-Situating, Perspectivism, and Movement (abgeschl. 2016).

  • Gorenstein, Zuzanna: New Sincerity and the Contemporary American Family Novel: Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections and Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead (abgeschl. 2015).

  • Kozyrakis, Yuliya: Post-racial Realities. Passing Narratives in Contemporary U.S. Fiction (abgeschl. 2015).

  • Manson, Richard: White Men Write Now: Deconstructed and Reconstructed Borders of Identity In Contemporary American Literature By White Men (abgeschl. 2004).

  • Mittelstädt, Margot: Moments of Insight, and a Glimmer of Hope: Recognition, Self-Help, and the Novels of Anne Tyler (abgeschl. 2013).

  • Motyl, Katharina: With the Face of the Enemy – Arab American Literature since 9/11 (abgeschl. 2013).

  • Richardson, Dorothy: A Trip to Niagara. Play and Interplay. An Examination of William Dunlap's Play of 1828 (abgeschl. 2009).

  • Stompor, Tomasz: Precise Intersection Points. The Textual Materiality of William S. Burroughs’ Cut-Up Experiments (abgeschl. 2014).

  • Wege, Birte: Drawing on the Past: The Graphic Narrative Documentaries of Emanuel Guibert, Ho Che Anderson, Art Spiegelman, and Joe Sacco (abgeschl. 2015).

  • Winter, Marcia: Violating Violence: Traces of Female Aggression in Twentieth Century Anglo-American Prose (abgeschl. 2007).



  • Dorson, James: The Managerial Imagination: Mastery and Drift in American Literary Naturalism.
  • Sedlmeier, Florian: Field, Archive, Iteration: William Dean Howells.

Prof. Dr. Florian Sedlmeier


  • Engwer, Sabine: Writing the African American Nation: Notions of Folk, Volk, and Nation in the Literature of the Nadir.

Prof. Dr. James Dorson


  • Gabriel, Florian: African American Literature as Counter-Naturalism.
  • Verlinden, Jasper: Administering the Nation: Bureaucratic Governance, Comparative Racialization, and American Literature, 1870-1930.