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The Library of the John F. Kennedy Institute is considered one of the most comprehensive of its kind outside North America. Each year its impressive collection is used by a significant number of academics, journalists and students to further their research on topics related to the United States of America and Canada.

The Grant Program, founded in 1979, provides financial support both to advanced scholars and Ph.D. students who, in the context of their research endeavors, require physical access to the extensive holdings of the library in Berlin-Dahlem.

With this program, the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies awards between five and ten grants per semester to scholars with a permanent residence/affiliation outside North America (Canada and the United States).

Scholars based in Germany can apply for a grant if their research demands extensive work with sources and materials held by the library of the John F. Kennedy Institute that cannot easily be accessed via interlibrary loan.

All other scholars who wish to use our holdings are welcome as well, but they need to bring their own funding. Please contact our reference librarian who will make arrangements to provide you with a work space.

The library of the John F. Kennedy Institute participates in an extensive interlibrary loan system that can be used by all scholars located in Germany. Scholars located elsewhere are requested to check their respective interlibrary loan systems before sending in their applications.


To qualify for a Library Grant the following preconditions must be fulfilled:

The applicant

  • has a permanent residence or affiliation in a country other than Canada or the United States
  • pursues a doctoral project (Ph.D. student) or holds an academic title equivalent to a Ph.D. or higher
  • pursues a convincing research project related to the United States of America and/or Canada in the fields of:

Program Modalities

The funding volume is determined according to the following criteria:

Type A Grant (full stipend, 4-6 weeks)

Criteria: In support of projects that require extensive research at the library AND

In support of scholars who at the time of application do not hold a salaried position or other regular income

Funding Volume: 1.200 EUR (plus travel subsidy of max. 300 EUR)

Type B Grant (guest status, 2-4 weeks)

Criteria: In support of projects for which a limited number of materials/sources at the library need to be worked with OR

In support of scholars who hold a salaried position or have other sources of regular income

Funding Volume: 600 EUR (plus travel subsidy of max. 300 EUR)

As our grants are tax-exempt, successful applicants for Type A Grants may not receive income from self-employment or salaried positions above 1,200 EUR/month. All grant recipients need to be covered by full health insurance for the duration of their stay in Berlin/Germany.


If you meet the listed prerequisites and wish to apply for a John F. Kennedy Library Grant, we are looking forward to receiving your complete application (please note that incomplete applications will not be considered), including:

  • The application form filled out and signed (download here)
  • A brief curriculum vitae (one page) plus a list of your most relevant publications
  • Outline of the research project indicating the research objective, the state of research in the field, your method or approach (not more than 1,000 words),
  • A numbered reference list of materials/sources to be worked with at the Library of JFKI (please consult Guide to the Research Library of the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies and Primo), including the call numbers.

  • A note from a member of the JFKI Institute indicating their willingness to work with you (see staff lists of the respective JFKI departments in accordance to your research topic)
  • For Ph.D. students only: a letter of recommendation by a senior scholar supervising the project.

Applications should be mailed to:

Successful applicants should expect to have their names and the title of their research projects published on the John F. Kennedy Institute website, and plan to submit a report on their experience and progress once their research is completed.

Deadlines for applications are the 31st of October and the 31st of May each year. All grants must be used within the year for which they are awarded.


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