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The Gender Equality Officer advises and supports the administration and all members of the institute in the implementation of the governmental order for equalization. Central themes include the support of women in the areas of research and teaching or in conflict situations or the realization of the women's advancement plan.

All inquiries will be treated absolutely confidentially.

Gender-Sensitive Language

The guide for gender-sensitive language published by the Chief Gender Equality Officer of the Freien Universität gives concrete examples for a gender-sensitive use of language and images and can be used to inspect texts.

Here you can find more information on gender-sensitive use of language in English.

Sexualized Harassment, Discrimination and Violence

Here you find a Flyer that points out possibilities for action against sexualized harassment, discrimination and violence. Additionally, there are Guidelines for dealing with sexualized discrimination and violence at the Freien Universität Berlin (in German).

The FU Working Group on Sexualized Harassment, Discrimination and Violence has set up the central e-mail address: no-means-no@fu-berlin.de for all concerns regarding sexualized harassment, discrimination and violence (SHDV). Irrespective of status, gender and specific concern, all FU members, associates and guests can contact this address if they are affected, have witnessed sexualized assaults or would like to obtain information on the subject. Behind the e-mail address is the office of the working group SHDV, headed by the team of the Chief Gender Equality Officer. The decentralized Gender Equality Officers remain important contact persons at the SHDV, who provide initial counselling themselves and to whom the working group passes along the issue. The new e-mail address is a supplement and is intended in particular to help those affected to find a contact point quickly.

Please find more information here.

Report dick pics:

If you receive unsolicited dick pics you can formulate a police report in a very short time: https://dickstinction.com/. The unwanted sending of dick pics is a form of sexualized harassment and according to § 184 StGB a criminal offence!

Workplace Conflicts

In case workplace conflicts arise the management, the staff council or the Gender Equality Officer will be happy to be of assistance.

Stress and crisis situations during your studies

The Central Psychological Service of the FU Berlin and the Studentenwerk provide free consultations regarding study-related problems such as lack of concentration, writing blockade and test anxiety.

Organization of your Studies

If you have any questions about organizing your studies, please visit the webpage of the study consultation. There you can  find a complete list of the responsible consultants and offices.

Financing of your studies

A complete list off all financing strategies can be found at social consulting of the Studentenwerkes.

Study and doctorate measures

The central study advice of the FU Berlin offers a variety of courses concerning the following subjects: Time Management, Efficient Reading, Overcoming Presentation Anxiety, Passing Exmans etc., as well as a jour-fixe: Coaching for Exams and Doctorates an.