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“Standing Up against Sexualized Violence”: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women Campaign 2023

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News from Nov 09, 2023

“Standing Up against Sexualized Violence” is the topic of this year’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25. The Chief Gender Equality Officer team has organized a series of events and informational posts on the issue of sexualized harassment, discrimination, and violence for the occasion.


The events program will include workshops from November 21–29 that address subjects such as online gender-based violence, respectful flirting, and critical masculinity. Participants can also attend self-defense and Wen-Do courses as well as a workshop on “Constructions of Gender and Bodies – Feminist Theater of the Oppressed” and a theater performance about gender-based violence and femicide.

There will also be safe spaces for people who are dealing with sexualized assault and violations of boundaries to talk confidentially. A forum with short presentations will broach the issue of how universities approach cases of sexualized harassment, discrimination, and violence, as well as the prevention and protection measures they adopt.

Blog Posts

These events will be accompanied by a series of blog posts (in German) on the “GESCHLECHTER*GERECHT” website throughout November. The Margherita von Brentano Center for Gender Studies will also be hosting a blogathon in cooperation with the University of Edinburgh from mid-November. The topics addressed will include the role and responsibilities of gender equality officers in handling sexualized harassment, discrimination, and violence, and the issues inherent to prosecuting cases of violence against women.

Event Program

Please note that our events are each designed for different target audiences. Please only sign up for events if you are a member of the intended target group. We believe that it is very important to offer workshops and safe spaces tailored to specific groups. The forum on November 28 and the theater performance on November 29 do not require prior registration and are open for anyone to attend.

All workshops have a limited number of spaces available. You can sign up for workshops using the applicable registration form. If you are unable to attend a workshop you have signed up for, please cancel your registration so that other people who are interested can move up the waiting list.

You are welcome to attend these events during working hours. Please consult your supervisor beforehand to ensure that your attendance does not conflict with work responsibilities that cannot be rescheduled or redistributed.”

You can find the full event program, including the registration forms, here.

Events in English

The following events will be offered in English:

 The following events will be held in German or English upon request:

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