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1st Berlin Workshop on Empirical Public Economics – Preferences and Public Policy

HERE you can find the call for papers for the "2nd Berlin Workshop on Empirical Public Economics (Gender Economics)"

Group Picture #BerlinEmpiricalPubEcon2022

Group Picture #BerlinEmpiricalPubEcon2022

The Workshop

Date and Location: March 17 and 18, 2022. J.-F.-Kennedy Institute, Berlin

The "1st Berlin Workshop on Empirical Public Economics – Preferences and Public Policy" was a success, being one of the first to be held in person again, after the Covid-19 pandemic. Seven world-renowned speakers were present, as well as a diverse audience of researchers, PhD students, policy advisors and more. In addition, we also had a livestream to allow the international audience to follow the interesting presentations and discussions of the workshop.

The organization of the workshop was a joint effort of the John-F.-Kennedy-Institute at the Freie Universität Berlin, the School of Business & Economics at the  Freie Universität Berlin, the Berlin School of Economics, and INSIGHTS. The head-organziers being Prof. Dr. Max Steinhardt (J.-F.-Kennedy Institute and FU Berlin),  Prof. Natalia Danzer, PhD. (FU Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Luca Stella (J.-F.-Kennedy Institute and FU Berlin). Collaborators were also Prof. Dr. Peter Haan (DIW Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Peter Mohr (FU Berlin).

The two days of the workshop were filled with innovative and currently relevant contributions. The exchange between speakers and PhD candidates also allowed a series of enriching interactions for all. 

Find HERE the full programme of the workshop

The Speakers

  • Thomas Dohmen (Bonn University)
  • Anna Maria Mayda (Georgetown University)
  • Osea Giuntella (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Victory Lavy (University of Warwick and Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  • Michele Belot (Cornell University)
  • Claus Thustrup Kreiner (University of Copenhagen)
  • Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch (Heinrich Heine University)

PhD-Posters Session

  • Maximilian Blesch (HU Berlin)
  • Helen Zeidler (Catholic University Eichstaett-Ingolstadt)
  • Anna Schwarz (Vienna University)
  • Camille Remigereau (HU Berlin)
  • Andreas Leibing (FU Berlin)
  • Luisa Hammer (FU Berlin)
  • Mara Baschkett (DIW Berlin)
  • Jana Schuetz (University of Jena)
  • Pietro Sancassani (Ifo Institute Munich)
  • Costanza Marconi (Catholic University of Milan)
  • Erik Haustein (Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg)
  • Julian Harke (WZB Berlin)