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Conference: Global Inequalities - Historical, Economic and Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Jan 20, 2020

Organizers: Sönke Kunkel, Wolfgang Strehl, and JFKI MA Class of 2019

Canvassing past, present, and future manifestations of global inequalities, this conference seeks to examine global inequalities from an interdisciplinary perspective. Inequality is an important theme of the 21st century extending from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to social protest movements, transnational activism relating to human rights, calls for climate justice, or global policies addressing poverty and processes of social marginalization and exclusion. Newer research has increasingly addressed such issues over the last years, but, we argue, may benefit from an interdisciplinary dialogue that connects current approaches in the social sciences with a longer historical perspective: How can we conceptualize global inequality today and in historical hindsight? What can be done about global inequalities today – and what did historical actors do about them in the past? How, when, why, and in what shape did global inequalities emerge in the course of history and what do historical studies add to understanding inequalities today? What, in turn, do newer approaches in the social sciences offer for the historical study of global inequalities?

More information and the call for papers can be found here.