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Christopher Prömel


John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies

Economics Department


Lansstraße 7-9
Room 231
14195 Berlin

Office hours

Wednesdays, 12pm - 1pm and upon request

Please register at christopher.proemel@fu-berlin.de

Christopher Prömel is a research associate and doctoral candidate in the Economics department at JFKI since September 2019. 

Prior to this he completed his master's degree in economics at the Humboldt University of Berlin and worked as a student assistant in the division of Applied Panel Data Analyses of the German Socio-Economic Panel at DIW, as well as at the Institute of Economic History at Humboldt University of Berlin.

Here you can find Christopher Prömel's full CV.


  • Introduction to American Economic History, Lecture and Practice Seminar, Summer Term (BA)
  • US Economic Policy, Tutor, Summer Term (MA)


  • Introduction to American Economic History, Lecture and Practice Seminar, Summer Term 2020, 2021, 2022 (BA)
  • Introduction to Economic Reasoning, Lecture, Winter Term 2022/23 (BA)
  • Macroeconomics I, Practice Seminar, Winter Term 2021/22 (BA)
  • Macroeconomics II, Practice Seminar, Summer Term 2021 (BA)
  • Development of the American Economy, Tutor, Winter Term, (MA)
  • US Economic Policy, Tutor, Summer Term (MA)

My research interests are in the fields of migration economics, political economy, labor economics, and economic history.

In my first project, I study the causal effects of the European Refugee Crisis on the ethnic identity of resident migrants in Germany. Thereby, I find that migrants’ attachment to their home countries increased in areas with higher shares of refugees, while belonging to Germany remained the same. Moreover, results show that effects differed between different migrant groups by home country.

Further analyses suggest that concerns about xenophobia, experiences of discrimination, and the consumption of foreign media contributed to these effects. Lastly, I find that changes in ethnic identity coincide with the political polarization of migrants.

 Currently, I also work on other projects. In one of them (which is joint work with Teresa Freitas Monteiro), we look at the effects of right-wing and xenophobic protests in Germany on the attitudes of natives and migrants. In another one (which is joint work with Panu Poutvaara and Max Steinhardt), we study the economic determinants of bitterness, focusing in particular on the role of unemployment.


  • Prömel, C.  “Belonging or Estrangement – the European Refugee Crisis and its Effects on Immigrant Identity.” Forthcoming in the European Journal of Political Economy.

  • Cardozo Silva, A. R., Prömel, C., Zinn, S. (2022): Geflüchtete in Deutschland fühlten sich in der Corona-Pandemie stärker diskriminiert als zuvor. DIW Wochenbericht Nr. 18/2022.

Work in Progress

  • Freitas Monteiro, T., Prömel, C. (2022): Right-wing Protests and their Effects on Perceived Xenophobia.

  • Poutvaara, P., Prömel, C., Steinhardt, M. (2023): The Economic Determinants of Bitterness – Evidence from Plant Closures in Germany.