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Course Catalog Winter Semester 2020/21

Bachelor (North American Studies)

  • Economic Reasoning - Orientierungsseminar (Max Steinhardt)

  • Booms, Busts, and Business Cycles: Economic Growth and Financial Development in Canada, Mexico, and the United States - Vertiefungsseminar A (Daniel Dieckelmann)

  • Topics in Macroeconomics - Vertiefungsseminar A (Phoebe Ishak)

  • B.A. Colloquium Econ., Hist., Pol., Soc. (David Bosold)

Master (North American Studies)

  • Development of the American Economy - Case Studies - Seminar A (Max Steinhardt)

  • Development of the American Economy - Hauptseminar A (Max Steinhardt)

  • MA-Colloquium Economics (Max Steinhardt)

Participation and Grade Requirements

Graduate School (North American Studies)

Master (Economics & Public Economics)

Some courses offered by the Economics Department of the JFKI are also open to MA Economics and Public Economics students. Please check your course catalogue for those classes.

This information may serve as a guide for planning your studies. Binding information about the current curriculum of the department of economics can be found in the current course listings. The enrolling passwords for the respective courses on Blackboard can be obtained upon request.



Theses Supervision

If you are looking for a suitable supervisor for your thesis, please inform yourself on the instructors' profiles about their research area and requirements and contact them accordingly.