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Journals, books, databases, and economic sources on North American economic policy and history

Bachelor (Winter Term 2023/ 2024)

32700 Economic Reasoning (Simon Voß). Thu 4 – 6pm, room: 201

32701 Introduction to Labor Economics (Lisa Sofie Höckel)Mon 10 am - 12 pm, room: 203

32702 The Economics of Migration (Felicitas Schikora). Mon 4 – 6 pm, room: 203

32605 BA-Colloquium for students from the disciplines: political science, sociology, economics, history (David Bosold, Clara Heinrich). Tue 12 - 2 pm, room:  340

Master (Winter Term 2023/ 2024)

32710 Development of the American Economy (Max Steinhardt). Mon 12 – 2 pm, room 203

32711 Development of the American Economy – Case Studies (Max Steinhardt). Wed 10 am – 12 pm, room 203

32712 International Trade, Migration, and Health  (Luca Stella). Wed 6 – 8pm, room 319

32713 International Trade, Migration, and Health  – Case Studies (Luca Stella). Thu 4 – 6pm, room 319

32715 The Great Depression in the USA (Wolfgang Strehl). Tue 2 – 4pm, room 340

32714 MA Colloquium Economics (Max Steinhardt). Thu 10 am – 12 pm, room 233 

Seminar Applied Microeconomics

10146606 (Natalia Danzer, Luca Stella, Max Steinhardt)

Boltzmannstr. 16-20, room 202 

Registration deadline is October 11, 2023.

Please apply for this course via e-mail using this address: economics@jfki.fu-berlin.de

For PhD students: To register, please send an email with a summary of your current/planned research project (< 450 words).

For Master's students: This course is open to advanced Master students with a strong interest in empirical research. Please send an e-mail with current transcript of record and a short motivation (<100 words).

Here you find all information for the seminar.

Teilnahmenachweis und Modulprüfungen

Graduate School (North American Studies)

Master (VWL)

Some of the seminars offered can also be taken in the Master's program in Economics and Public Economics. These will then be listed accordingly in the course catalog for VWL and Public Economics.

This information is only intended as a guide for planning your course of study. Binding information on the current courses of the Department of Economics can be found in the current course catalog. The passwords required for registration in Blackboard for the individual courses are available on request from the secretary's office of the Department of Economics.

Contact: economics@jfki.fu-berlin.de

Bachelor-, Master-thesis and PhD

For thesis supervision, please refer to the lecturers' profiles for information on their main topics and requirements, and contact them accordingly. Please include a current transcript of records with your e-mail.