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Curd Knüpfer about the upcoming Presidential Election (Deutsche Welle & Recherche-Netzwerk-Deutschland)

Prof. Curd Knüpfer is sharing his insights into the ongoing US Presidential Election campaigns in an interview with Deutsche Welle News as well as in the first ever episode of the new Recherche-Netzwerk-Deutschland podcast Die Schicksalswahl.

News from Sep 03, 2020

DW-News - The Pro-Trump Echo Chamber: Is it Getting Louder?

President Trump's language has been supportive of vigilantes and armed militas. He has also likened the police shooting a black man in the back to a golfer choking. Who are these messages meant for? Brent Goff asked Curd Knüpfer, a lecturer in political science at the John F. Kennedy Institute at the Free University in Berlin.

To access the video clip click here.

RND Podcast - Die Schicksalswahl: Der Wahlkampf in den USA

German Teaser: In der ersten Folge von "Die Schicksalswahl" geht es um den Wahlkampf in den USA und die Nominierungsparteitage der Republikaner und Demokraten. Zu Gast sind RND-USA-Korrespondent Karl Doemens und Prof. Dr. Curd Knüpfer von der Freien Universität Berlin.

To access the (german) podcast episode click here.

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