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Curd Knüpfer in SRF Podcast: Storming the Capitol - Social Media as Catalyst?

It has been more than two years since the storming of the Capitol in the USA. This event continues to occupy the US judiciary. In the meantime, there are also claims for damages against the then President Donald Trump. He is said to have indirectly fueled the storm via social media.

What role did social media play? And what role did then-President Donald Trump play?

That's what experts analyze in this special edition of the 4x4 Podcast.

We talk to:

- Curd Knüpfer, political scientist at the John F. Kennedy Institute in Berlin

- Claudia Brühwiler, Americanist and political scientist at the University of St. Gallen

- Forrest Rogers, journalist at the NZZ and OSINT reporter

News from Mar 22, 2023

Storming the Capitol - Social Media as Catalyst?

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