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Prof. Dr. Markus Kienscherf

Markus Kienscherf

John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies

Department of Sociology

Assistant Professor

Lansstr. 7-9
Room 301 c
14195 Berlin

Office hours

Office hours on appointment by webex on Fridays noon - 2 p.m.

Link to Webex Room (please wait in the "lobby"; you'll be admitted to the meeting one by one)

Teaching and research interests include:

  • Political Sociology

  • Governmentality Studies

  • Security Studies

  • Social Movements

  • Critical Criminology

Supervised dissertations:

Mathilde Lind Gustavussen: Urban Displacement Mechanisms: The Tenant Movement's Fight to Stay Put in Los Angeles
Second advisor Ross Beveridge (University of Glasgow).

Andrei Belibou: Subjects of Capitalism: Identity Politics and Class
Additional supervisors: Robin Celikates from the Philosophy Department, Ashley Bohrer (Notre Dame University)



(2013) US Domestic and International Regimes of Security: Pacifying the globe, securing the homeland, Routledge Critical Security Studies, London, New York: Routledge.


(2022) “Surveillance Capital and Post-Fordist Accumulation: Towards a Critical Political Economy of Surveillance-for-Profit.” Surveillance & Society 20(1): 18-29: https://doi.org/10.24908/ss.v20i1.14235

(2018) 'Race, class and persistent coloniality: US policing as liberal pacification’. Capital & Class,

(2016) 'Producing “responsible" self-governance: counterinsurgency and the violence of neoliberal rule'. Critical Military Studies 2 (3), 173-192.

(2016) 'Beyond Militarization and Repression: Liberal Social Control as Pacification'. Critical Sociology 42 (7-8), 1179-1194.

(2015) 'Zwischen legitimem Regieren und imperialem Krieg. Die Widersprüchlichkeit westlicher Aufstandsbekämpfungsstrategien’, Zeitschrift für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik, 6 (3), 347-357.

(2012) ‘Security assemblages and spaces of exception: The production of (para-) militarized spaces in the US war on drugs’, Radical Criminology 1 (Fall 2012): 19-35.

(2011) ‘A programme of global pacification: US counterinsurgency doctrine and the biopolitics of human (in)security’, Security Dialogue 42 (6): 517-535.

(2010) ‘Plugging cultural knowledge into the U.S. military machine: The neo-Orientalist logic of counterinsurgency’, Topia – Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies, 23-24: 121-143.

Misc. Publications

(2017) ‘"A Struggle for Control and Influence": Western Counterinsurgency and the Problematic of Autonomy'. In: Moe LW and Müller M-M (eds) Reconfiguring Intervention: Complexity, Resilience and the 'Local Turn' in Counterinsurgent Warfare. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 29-50.

(2015) 'Rassismus ohne Rassisten: Die strukturelle Benachteiligung von Afroamerikanern trotz formaler Gleichbehandlung'. Zur Sache BW: USA - Fremd und Vertraut: Das ambivalente Verhältnis zwischen Amerika und Deutschland, 28, 18-20.

(2011) Review of Human Terrain: War Becomes Academic, directed by James Der Derian, David Udris and Michael Udris, Bullfrog Films, 2010, 49th Parallel, 25 (Autumn 2011).