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Study results of GSNAS doctoral candidate Manuel Funke published by Reuters and SZ

News from Oct 20, 2015

The Ifo Institute (Munich) and the Centre for Economic Policy Resarch (London) have released a longitudinal comparative study authored by GSNAS doctoral candidate Manuel Funke and his co-authors Moritz Schularick and Christoph Trebesch. The authors analyze the voting patterns in more than 800 general elections held in 20 advanced economies over the past 140 years. The study finds that policy uncertainty in economic crises not only results in an increased polarization of the political system but also in electoral gains for far-right parties.

A summary of the study's findings can be found in the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung (German only) and on Reuters. The complete study is available on the website of the Ifo Institute and the CEPR.

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