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Publication of Paul Benedikt Glatz's dissertation

Paul Benedikt Glatz, Vietnam's Prodigal Heroes

Paul Benedikt Glatz, Vietnam's Prodigal Heroes

News from Jan 12, 2021

Former doctoral student at the Graduate School of North American Studies, Paul Benedikt Glatz, has published his dissertation project with Lexington Books.

Vietnam's Prodigal Heroes is the story of the most overlooked and underestimated war refusers of the Vietnam generation: military deserters. From exile in France and Sweden, they took a stand against the Vietnam War, rallied for recognition, and returned to the United States to claim amnesty. Paul Benedikt Glatz demonstrates that desertion was a critical an issue in the American and international Vietnam War debates. Through its transnational perspective on the odyssey of the young American war refusers, his book offers new insights into how the less privileged among draft age Americans found ways and means to evade and protest the war, as well as into American and international peace movements and protest cultures.

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