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Photo exhibition: JFK 100

John F. Kennedy's presidency marked a pivotal period in American history. Kennedy rose to political prominence following World War II as Americans were enjoying the first fruits of a consumer culture. Manufacturing muscle, fueled by the war, was turned to making cars and appliances, while battle-weary correspondents and photographers offered their talents to Madison Avenue and mass media publishing empires. Magazines brimming with glossy photographs flew off of newsstands, while televisions beamed with news and images directly to American homes.

This exhibition depicts a golden age of photojournalism in America - and no single politician was photographed more than JFK. Photographers and news-reel cameramen used images of Kennedy and his young family to convey a vision of a new America - a sophisticated world power engaged in building a bright future for its citizens.

This exhibition is based on the book JFK: A Vision For America and is organized by Lawrence Schiller of Wiener Schiller Productions in cooperation with the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation with additional support from Stephen Kennedy Smith and Getty Images.