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Ongoing Dissertations & Habilitations

Baylan, Ergün:
Conscience: The Source for Transcendentalist Moral Epistemology (Dissertation)

Chahrour, Nadine:
Contemporary Arab American Literature and Culture: An Analysis of Transnational Identity and the Struggle for Recognition (Dissertation)

Carline Heuer:
A Discourse on Aesthetics: Artworks and Aesthetic Experience in the Contemporary American Novel (2000-2015)

Nitya, Koch
Mobile Bodies between Empowerment and Domestication: Dance and Representations of Femininity in the Hollywood Musical 1930-60 (Dissertation)

Metz, Katharina:
Altruism in late Nineteenth-century American Literature (Dissertation)

Spahn, Hannah:
Weltbürgerdiskurse in der amerikanischen Kultur (Habilitation)

Yeshshyorkina, Oksana:
Cradle of Anarchy: Role and Influence of Russian and Russian-Jewish Immigration on Development, Rise and Decline of Anarchy in the United States between 1880s and 1920s (Dissertation)

Zheng, Liping:
A Comparative Study of Cultural Diplomacy between China and the United States, 2000 - 2015 (Dissertation)