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Conference "To Be Continued:"The Novel and Forms of Narrative Continuation

17.02.2023 - 18.02.2023

“To Be Continued”: The Novel and Forms of Narrative Continuation

Organized by Ulla Haselstein, Research Area 3: "Future Perfect" in cooperation with EXC 2020 TEMPORAL COMMUNITIES and Florian Sedlmeier (Ruhr University)


Friday, 17. February 

09:15-09:30 | Welcome

Ulla Haselstein (Freie Universität Berlin/EXC 2020) and Florian Sedlmeier (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

09:30-11:00 | Panel I (Chair: Florian Sedlmeier)

Frank Kelleter (Freie Universität Berlin/EXC 2020): Fake Publics are Real Too: On Judith Sargent Murray's The Gleaner (1792–1798)

MaryAnn Snyder-Körber (Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg): Clotels; or, The Revisioning/Reprinting Continuations of the President’s Daughter

11:00-11:15 | Coffee Break

11:15-12:45 | Panel II (Chair: Frank Kelleter)

Andreas Mahler (Freie Universität Berlin): Continuation and the Novel: Open Context and the Problem of Closure

Deidre Lynch (Harvard University): Ali Smith and the Unfinished Book: The Seasons Quartet and Seriality in an Electronic Age

12:45-14:15 | Lunch Break

14:15-15:45 | Panel III (Chair: MaryAnn Snyder-Körber)

Florian Sedlmeier (Ruhr-Universität Bochum): Parody and Caricature: Tabitha Gilman Tenney

Ulla Haselstein (Freie Universität Berlin/EXC 2020): Parody of Parody: Twain and Coover

15:45-16:00 | Coffee Break

16:00-17:30 | Panel IV (Chair: Birte Wege)

Tobias Annamalay Jochum (Freie Universität Berlin): B. Traven's Gerard Gales Cycle in the Americas: Serialized Polemics, Translation, and the Writer's Hustle

Sabine Sielke (University of Bonn): Insistence, Seriality, Memory: Echoes of Gertrude Stein in Popular Culture

 19:00 | Conference Dinner

Saturday, 18. February

9:30-11:00 | Panel V (Chair: Ulla Haselstein)

Birte Wege (Freie Universität Berlin): Robot Reboots

Birgit Spengler (University of Wuppertal): Intertextual Chronotopes

11:00-11:15 | Coffee Break 

11:15-12:45 | Panel VI (Chair: Andrew Gross)

James Dorson (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München): Business Fiction and the Project Form

Jeremy Rosen (University of Utah): The Genre Turn and Immersion in Fictional Worlds

12:45-14:00 | Lunch Break

14:00-15:30 | Panel VII (Chair: James Dorson)

Julie Dickson (Freie Universität Berlin): "How Life Delivers and Delivers": Constructing Coherence in the Themed Short Story Collection

Andrew Gross (University of Göttingen): After the End. The Post-Pandemic Narrative of the Apocalypse

15:30 | Concluding Remarks

19:00 | Conference Dinner

Zeit & Ort

17.02.2023 - 18.02.2023

Lansstr. 7-9
14195 Berlin