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Comprehending Canada 2023 - An Invitation

Comprehending Canada

Comprehending Canada

News vom 11.04.2023

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the department of English and American studies at Masaryk University organized a new international collaborative summer course on Canadian studies titled “Comprehending Canada.” Already taught twice in two consecutive years by an international team of five experts from Canada and Czech Republic, the success of the course is a reflection of the ever-increasing popularity of Canadian studies in Central Europe and beyond.

https://niche-canada.org/2022/11/15/comprehending-canada-learning-from-canadian-studies-in-the-heart-of-europe/  https://www.smcvt.edu/about-smc/news/2021/july/online-class-shows-potential-of-micro-internationalization/

Course requirements

You will be required to attend all the sessions and actively participate (10% of your mark), complete 5 mini-assignments (300-word response papers) before each day based on the assigned readings (50% of your marks) and write a research paper at the end of the course -- you will have several weeks to complete this (40%). You will then receive 6 ECTS credits.

Here's the preliminary schedule for this year's course:
• June 19 (Monday): Course opening 12 pm ET, 6 pm CET)
• June 20 22: Individual Student Preparation in ELF
• June 23 (Friday): 1st seminar on Zoom -- National Identity, Diversity, Race, Ethnicity (Nimijean)
• June 26-29: (Monday-Thursday) seminar order TBA
- Indigenous studies Literature the Environment (Krasna)
- Canada US Relations, the Border Refugees (Ayres)
- The Economy Natural Resources Immigration (Fiřtová)

- Culture and Film (Pospisil)

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