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Curd Knüpfer and Mike Cowburn sprechen über Right-Wing Alternative Media and Republican Party Social Media Engagement

News vom 29.11.2021

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Dr. Curd Knüpfer (Assistant Professor) and Mike Cowburn (PhD Candidate), from the JFK Institute for North American Studies at Freie Universität Berlin, discuss their research on right-wing alternative media. We start out by discussing what right-wing alternative media are, and how they are transnationally linked across Western democracies. Then, we explore Mike and Curd’s ongoing work into how Members of Congress’ social media engagement with these sites may be predictors of political positionality. We also look at how Republican Members of Congress’ use of the fake news label also relates to their political ideology.


The (published) studies discussed in the episode are:


Beyond Breitbart: Comparing Right-Wing Digital News Infrastructures in Six Western Democracies


Toward a Transnational Information Ecology on the Right? Hyperlink Networking among Right-Wing Digital News Sites in Europe and the United States


Legislator Adoption of the Fake News Label: Ideological Differences in Republican Representative Use on Twitter

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