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Osman Demirbağ


ZI John-F.-Kennedy-Institut

Abteilung Soziologie

Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in

Lansstr. 7-9
Raum 309
14195 Berlin


2024 – 2028 (expected)         Freie Universität Berlin, Dr. phil. in Sociology: European Societies

2021 - 2023                            Freie Universität Berlin, M.A. in Sociology: European Societies

2016 - 2021                            Boğaziçi University, Istanbul: B. A. in Sociology


Summer term 2024: BA/MA Seminar "Introducing Text Analysis with R through Political Party Manifestos from US"


My research explores the historical origins, changes, and continuities in state interventions and social policies, with a particular focus on the dynamics of rural sociology. My project investigates the urban-rural cleavage line and examines why policies targeting land-based rural welfare and labor-oriented urban initiatives have diverged or converged across different countries over time. To achieve this, I employ extensive historical data collection, including party platforms, parliamentary records, and literary works. My approach draws on:

  • Rural and historical sociology
  • Economic sociology and political economy
  • Political parties and institutions
  • Social organization and mobilization of land and labor movements
  • Sociology of literature
  • Computational methods using text and space as data
  • Historical data collection


2024 Book Review: Education for All? Literature, Culture and Education Development in Britain and Denmark (2024), New York: Routledge, in economic sociology, Volume 25 Issue 2. Available online.