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[machine] body.gender.technology

15.02.2008 - 16.02.2008

Interdisciplinary Conference at the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies


Friday, Feb 15, 06.00 pm


  • M. Michaela Hampf (JFKI, Berlin)
  • MaryAnn Snyder-Körber (JKFI, Berlin)

Keynote Lecture

  • Johnny Golding and Steve Kennedy (University of Greenwich, London): All‘s Fair in Love and War: The Thinking Robot‘s Guide to the Universe Reception


Saturday, Feb 16, 09.00 am


Chair: Alissa Burmeister (JFKI, Berlin)

  • Sabrina Gödde (JFKI, Berlin): Woman a Machine - How John Cleland‘s Fanny Hill Represents La Mettrie‘s Ideal Character of a Materialist
  • Kerri Mullen (JFKI, Berlin): Cyborgs are Absurd - How Donna Haraway Can Be Serious in Paradox
  • Norbert Finzsch (Universität zu Köln): Masculinities - The Million Men March


  • Todd Cesaratto (Indiana University)
  • Mieke Woelky (JFKI, Berlin)


Saturday, Feb 16, 11.00 am

Manning/Unmanning the Machine

Chair: Martin Domke (JFKI, Berlin)

  • Barbara Antoniazzi (Università Cá Foscuri, Venice): From Mother and/or Wife to Worker and/or Prostitute - Female Immigrants and New American Womanhood in the Progressive Era
  • Heide Volkening (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München): Love, Gender and the Typewriter - Reading the Working Girl Writing
  • Cátia Secretário (JFKI, Berlin): Mechanical Brides and Stepford Wives - Technology and Gender Ideals in Post-War American Suburbia


  • Michael Lattek (JFKI, Berlin)


Saturday, Feb 16, 02.30 pm

Body Mechanics

Chair: Julia Koehler (JFKI, Berlin)

  • Joyce Verlinden (JFKI, Berlin): Transgender Bodies and Male Pregnancy - The Ethics of Radical Self-Refashioning
  • Evelyn Saunière (JFKI, Berlin): Mission Eternity - Self, Technology and the Pursuit of  Immortality
  • Erin Rieser (JFKI, Berlin): Virtual Words and Cyberbody - Morality in Kathy Acker‘s Empire of the Senseless


  • Ruth Mayer (Leibniz Universität Hannover)


Saturday, Feb 16, 04.30 pm


Chair: Johnny Golding (University of Greenwich, London)

  • Martin Fischer (JFKI, Berlin): Man-made Landscapes. A Treatment of Wounds in 19th Century American Landscape Painting and Photography
  • Luis Longarela (JFKI, Berlin): Screen, Dreams, and Body - Masculinity and Male Spectatorship in Keaton’s Sherlock Jr.
  • Hannah Rauscher-Spiess (JFKI, Berlin): Fractured Bodies - The Subversive Potential of the Art of Louis Bourgeois


  • Sinje Schuck (JFKI, Berlin)

Zeit & Ort

15.02.2008 - 16.02.2008

Room 340