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Ernst Fraenkel Distinguished Lecture Series

Mit der von der Fritz-Thyssen-Stiftung unterstützten Ernst Fraenkel Distinguished Lecture Series werden regelmäßig amerikanische Sozial- und Geschichtswissenschaftler zu Vorträgen eingeladen, um auf diese Weise in konstantem Dialog mit amerikanischen Entwicklungen der Fachdisziplinen zu bleiben. Zahlreiche Vorträge wurden in unserer Publikationsreihe veröffentlicht. Seit Ende 2009 sind die Vorträge auch online als Videos verfügbar. 


Hortense Spillers: "To the Bone - Some Speculations on Touch" (06.06.2018)


Frederick C. Moten: "The History of Blackness" (28.11.2016)

William Buxton: "Re-reading the Toronto School of Communication in an Age of Digital Distraction: Lessons from the Enlightenment 'Leserevolution'" (21.07.2016) 

Linda Williams: "Serial, Television, Melodrama" (29.06.2016)

David Bromwich: "The Culture of Sensitivity and the Culture of Freedom" (16.06.2016)


Paula Moya:  "Against the sorrowful and infinite solitude’: Interdependence and Narrative Webs in Ethnic American Literature" (19.05.2014)


Werner Sollors: "LIFE Magazine May 1945: Malovelent Rectangles of Spectral Horror" (02.07.2014)


Bruce Cain: "Fatal Flaws: The U.S. Political System Under Stress" (06.11.2013)

Alain-G. Gagnon: "Toward a New Politics in Multinational Policies: A Canadian Exploration" (31.10.2013)

Rita Felski: "Crrritique!" (16.05.2013)


Barbara Sinclair: "The Obama Presidency, Congress and the Development of the Party System" (13.11.2012)

Alan Taylor: "Global Finance after the Crash" (7. Juni 2012)

Richard Slotkin: "Platoon Movie: War Films and the Reconception of American National Myth, 1943-1960" (24. Mai 2012)

Leonard Cassuto: "Barbarians at the Gate: A New History of the American Novel" (23. Mai 2012)

Thomas S. Blanton: "The Secrecy-Security Oxymoron: The Hyper-Growth of Top Security America and the Declining Health of Global Democracy" (4. Januar 2012)


Donald Pease: "The Current State of US-American Studies" (4. November 2011)

Donald Worster: "Facing Limits - Abundance, Scarcity, and the American Way of Life" (19. Mai 2011)

Hal Foster: "The Catastrophe of Minimalism" (20. April 2011)


Paul Krugman: "The Failure of Crisis Management" (20. Oktober 2010)

Tyler Cowen: "Does the American Economic Model Have a Future?" (22. Juni 2010)

Melvyn Leffler: "Reassessing the Cold War - Lessons for Today" (27. Mai 2010)

Eugene White: "Bank Supervision in the Unites States: A Historical Perspective on its Role in the Recent Crisis" (20. Mai 2010)

Myra Marx Ferree: "Intersectionality, Inequality, and the Politics of Discourse" (11. Mai 2010)


Jamie Peck: "Obamanomics and the Postwelfare State" (12. November 2009)

Philip Zelikow: "Reflections on the Unification of Germany" (22. Oktober 2009)

Jay Winter: "Trans-National Perspectives" (Juni 2009)

Hal Varian: "The Advertising World Through Google's Goggles" (Juni 2009)

Frances Fox Piven: "Globalization and Labor Power" (Juni 2009)

Nancy Fraser: "Feminism, Capitalism, and the Cunning of History" (Mai 2009)


James O. Horton und Lois E. Horton: "Slavery and the Making of America: The Legacy of a Contradiction" (Oktober 2008)

William Cronon: "Telling Tales on Canvas: Landscapes of Frontier Change" (Juni 2008)

Sandra Gilbert: "Modern Death, MIllenium Mourning: the Challenge of 21st Century Grief" (Juni 2008)

Kim Moody: "New York: The Neoliberal Transformation of a City" (Februar 2008)

Walter Benn Michaels: "The Trouble with Diversity" (Januar 2008)


Benjamin M. Friedman: "The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth" (Juli 2007)

MIchael Dear: "Altered States: US-Mexico Borderlands as a Third Nation (November 2007)

Michael Taussig: "Benjamin's Finger and the Theater of Gesture" (April 2007)

Vivian Sobchack: "Chasing the Maltese Falcon: On the Fabrications of a Movie Prop" (April 2007)


Peter Gowan: "Can America Lead the World in a Positive Direction?" (Dezember 2006)

Andrei S. Markovits: "Unique among American Sports - Unique in the International Arena of Team Sports" (Juni 2006)

Ramon Saldívar: "The US/Mexico Borderlands and the Origins of the Transnational Imaginary" (Juni 2006)

Richard B. Freeman: "Economic and Social Policy in the New Globalization (Januar 2006)


Kaja Silverman: "Divine Wrong: Thoughts for Our Times on Death and War" (November 2005)

Teresa de Lauretis: "9/11, Freud, Djuna Barnes, and the Death Drive" (Juni 2005)

Tom Hayden: "Empire versus Democracy" (Mai 2005)

Michael P. Smith: "Mexican Migrant Associations in California Cities and Transnational Urban Politics" (Mai 2005)

Noam Chomsky: "Illegal but Legitimate: A Dubious Doctrine for the Times" (März 2005)


Richard Shusterman: "Pragmatism and East-Asian Thought" (November 2004)

Alan Wolfe: "The Transformation of American Religion" (Oktober 2004)

Lloyd Ambrosius: " Ideology and U.S. Foreign Policy: From Woodrow Wilson to George W. Bush" (Juli 2004)

David Reynolds: "D-Day and the Origins of the Atlantic Alliance" (Mai 2004)

Joseph E. Stiglitz: "The Roaring Nineties. Der Entzauberte Boom" (Januar 2004)

Donald E. Pease Jr.: "Pip: Figuring the Limits of Ahab's Rhetoric of Persuasion" (Januar 2004)


Ido Oren: "Our Enemies and U.S. America's Rivalries and the Making of Political Science" (November 2003)

Leo Marx: "Recovering the "Ur" - Theory of American Studies" (Juni 2003)

Michael Gilmore: "Word and Deeds: A Reinterpretation of the American Renaissance" (Juni 2003)

Harvey Molotch: " Product Design. Ecological Threat amd Hopes for Reform of the U.S. Consumption System" (Januar 2003)

Karsten D. Voigt: "Der gegenwärtige Stand der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Beziehungen" (Januar 2003)


Randall S. Kroszner: "The American Economy in a Period of Turbulance. Current State and Prospects" (November 2002)

Joshua Meyrowitz: "Post-Privacy America" (Juni 2002)

Joshua Gamson: "Producing 'Freaks': Daytime Talk Shows and Sexual Boundary Marking" (Mai 2002)


Thomas W. Laquer: " The Festive and the Rational: Race and the Resurgence of Capital Punishment in the Unites States" (Dezember 2001)

Lance W. Bennett: "Civic Engagement Crisis? Social Change and the Rise of Global Activism" (November 2001)

Marjorie Perloff: "The Conceptual Poetics of Marchel Duchamp" (November 2001)

Joyce Appleby: "Telling the Truth about History: Recent Historiographical and Cultural Conflicts" (April 2001)

Susan Rubin Suleiman: "Other People's Memories and the Filmmaker's Self: Marcel Ophuls' Hotle Terminus between Europe and America" (Februar 2001)

Peter Novick: "Is the Holocaust an American Memory?" (Februar 2001)

Daniel T. Rogers: "Atlantic Crossings: Social Politics in a Progressive Age" (Januar 2001)


William Labov: "The Explosion of Regional Diversity in North American English" (Oktober 2000)

Paul Krugman: "Has the New Economy Reached Europe?" (Juli 2000)


Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.: "Reflections on the Multiethnic Society: The American Case"


Henry M. Nau: "America's Staying Power: Does Europe Need a Partner?"

Rachel McCulloch: "The Impact of Foreign Ownership on U.S. Business"


David O. Sears: "Ethnic Conflict and the Politics of Race in the United States"

James S. Coleman: "Parents' Rights in Choice of School"

Richard N. Rosecrance: "A New Concert of Europe?"

Stephen D. Krasner: "Stability in a New Era of European-American Relations


Peter J. Katzenstein: "Amerika und Europa: Ein neuer Regionalismus in der Weltpolitik?"

Robert D. Putnam: "Domestic Politics and Transatlantic Relations: Two-Level Games in an Era of Change"

Catherine M. Kelleher: "Europe and America 1990 to 2000: The Security Dimension"

Linda K. Kerber: "Paradoxes of Women's Citizenship in the United States"

John Hope Franklin: "What Europeans Should Understand About the History of African Americans"

Rüdiger Dornbusch: "The Decline of the U.S. in World Trade and Finance? Policy Issues in Foreign Trade, Debt, and the Dollar"


Thomas J. Sargent: "Explaining the Reagan Deficits"

Robert E. Baldwin: "Recent U.S. Trade Policy at the Multilateral and Bilateral Levels"

Richard E. Neustadt: "American Presidential Transitions: Constitutional Requirements and Policy Risks"


Nelson W. Polsby: "The American Election of 1988: Outcome, Process and Aftermath"

William Schneider: "The Political Legacy of the Reagan Years"

Benjamin Ginsberg: "How Democratic Institutions Change Over Time: The U.S. Presidency From the New Deal to Ronald Reagan"

Ronald Inglehart: "Changing Religious, Social and Sexual Norms in the United States and Elsewhere: Is the Moral Majority a Rising or Declining Force?"

Peter Steinfels: "The Short Happy Life of Neoconservatism"


Seymour Martin Lipset: "The Social Basis of Neoconservatism"