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BA North American Studies


1. Study Regulations

2. Course Catalog

3. Thesis Guidelines / Plagiarism

4. Course Credit Transfers and Conversion

5. Completion of Study and Final Degree

6. Funding

7. Apply

If you have any questions concerning the Bachelor of Arts in North American Studies program, please consult our website for applicants or contact the academic advisement office. In addition, the Info-Service of Freie Universität will assist students and applicants with the general application and matriculation procedure.

The B.A. program at the Kennedy Institute is a 'Monobachelor' consisting of 150 CP in North American Studies and 30 CP in General Professional Skills Courses.

The program is designed to include a mandatory semester abroad, which students usually complete in the fifth (and potentially sixth) semester. The Free University offers a range of exchange opportunities with American, Canadian, and European Universities. These programs include an exemption from tuition fees at the host university. For stipends covering other expenses, students can apply to the German Academic Exchange Service, Promos, etc. See the website of the Office for International Student Mobility for further information.

In order to study in the B.A. program, applicants have to provide proof of English language proficiency at level C1 or pass an English test at the language center of Freie Universität. More details can be found here. In case you already have an English language certificate (that must not be older than 3 years), please submit a copy of the respective certificate to the attention of befreiungenglisch@sprachenzentrum.fu-berlin.de until July 15, 2019 in order to be exempted from taking the language test (more details here). For an overview of the accepted language certificates and the necessary test scores, please consult the website of the Sprachenzentrum. 

If you are just starting your studies you may find the information provided in the _STARTING Your Study Program useful.

Please find a more extensive introduction to the structure and contents of the program as well as interviews with current instructors and students here.
Lecture and Course Catalog
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