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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions concerning the Master's program in North American Studies which are not addressed in the FAQ can be directed to either the JFK Office of Student Advising or to the MA program advisor (N.N.), telephone, and in person. The FU-Berlin Info-Service will gladly answer any general questions regarding application and enrollment.

Undergraduate Degree

A German degree or equivalent qualification from a foreign institution in one of the following disciplines:

  1. North American Studies,
  2. History,
  3. Cultural Studies,
  4. Literature Studies,
  5. Political Science,
  6. Sociology,
  7. Economics,

or an interdisciplinary program with at least 90 earned credit points in any of the disciplines listed above combined.

Language Requirements

Applicants whose native language is not English and who have received a degree from an educational institution where the language of instruction and/or the degree conferred are not in English must provide proof of English language ability that corresponds to Level C1 of the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages (CEFR) or equivalent.

We accept the following documents that certify your English language proficiency (Level C1):

  • proof of English as your native language (copy of passport or I.D.)
  • graduation at an educational institution where the language of instruction and/or the degree conferred are in English (the document must specify that an English proficiency level of C1 has been achieved upon graduation and/or was needed before enrolling in the respective BA program)
  • various standardized language tests: IELTS, Cambride Examinations, TOEFL, BEC, and language tests issued by a university, for example by the FU Berlin Language Center (Sprachenzentrum)

Please consult the student advisor if you have remaining questions about your proof of English language skills.

The regulations governing the M.A. program do not stipulate a semester abroad, either required or optional.  Students, however, may independently organize a semester abroad, but this should not be done without the close consultation of a departmental adviser.

Customary procedures for obtaining admission into any FU-Berlin Master's program hold true for  applying to the M.A. program in North American Studies. During the application window one must:

  1. fill out the online application form, and
  2. print out, sign, and send it via post to the corresponding office.

In addition, please upload a Curriculum vitae.

Applications sent directly to the John F. Kennedy Institute of the Free University of Berlin will not be considered for admission.

Foreign students who have not received their university degree at a German institution of higher education are required to apply via Uni-Assist. Uni-Assist carries out a thorough check of all academic documents (degrees, transcripts, etc.). All decisions regarding admission are made entirely by the Free University.


Yes, admission into the Master's program is limited to a specified number of slots.  85% of the available places will be given out based on the grade point averages (GPA) supplied by applicants.  The remaining 15% will be granted in accordance with other criteria governing successful application and can be found in the Admissions Regulations (Zulassungsordnung).

The Master's program in North American Studies begins each Winter semester (mid-October), therefore it is not possible to apply for entrance into the program beginning in the Summer term.  The application deadline is May 31st each year.  Later enrollment is possible in principle as long as one starts his or her third semester at the beginning of the Winter term or their second or fourth semester at the beginning of the Summer term.  Whether or not this will be granted depends upon the number of places that remain available for that respective year.

No, the M.A. program in North American Studies is not subject to any fees or tuition.  However general entrance, subsequent continuation, and semester fees do apply as well as the semester ticket for use of the entire Berlin public transportation system.  Information concerning the exact amount of all relevant fees can be found on the Student Administration (Studierendenverwaltung) webpage.

Yes, as long as you obtain a provisional transcript from your university's Office of Examinations and Auditing (Prüfungsbüro) which verifies that a minimum of 40 earned credit points (ECP) in one of the aforementioned disciplines and a minimum of 80 ECP in a relevant second subject have been secured and, furthermore, that the subject of your B.A. thesis has been emitted.  (This stipulation does not yet conform to the forthcoming April to May application deadline.  It will therefore be interpreted liberally.)  Proof of graduation is due at latest with confirmation of continued enrolment at the beginning of the program's second semester.

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