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Master Program

Model Study Plan MA 2015

Model Study Plan MA 2015

The North American Studies Master's program at the John F. Kennedy Institute analyzes and interprets the historical, structural, and institutional developments of North America and, as such, is arranged according to its respective political, social, economic, historical, cultural, and literary contexts. Furthermore, regional issues and seminars are handled comprehensively within their respective disciplines. The core disciplines that make up the Kennedy Institute Master's program include History, Cultural Studies, Literature, Political Science, Sociology and Economics.

This two-year, interdisciplinary Master's program begins every winter semester (mid-October) and comprises a workload of 120 earned credits based on three pillars: a primary concentration that serves as the core discipline in which the Master's thesis is to be written, a secondary concentration providing further background knowledge, and a third accompanying interdisciplinary module that deals with theoretical and methodological concerns (see course program).

If you are just starting your studies you may find the information provided in the _STARTING Your Study Program useful.

Please find a more extensive introduction to the structure and contents of the program here.

Career and Occupation

Successful graduation from the Kennedy Institute M.A. program qualifies one as an expert in matters relating to North American Studies, particularly in Political Science, Economics and economic advising, foreign service, international organizations, NGOs, media and cultural institutions, state planning and administration, adult education and continuing education, the publishing industry and library sciences as well as at universities and non-university based organizations such as government or private research foundations, think tanks, etc.

Questions regarding the Kennedy Institute M.A. in North American Studies should be directed to the JFK Office for Student Advising by either email, phone, or in person, or to the M.A. Advisor Prof. Lora Viola. The Info Service of the Free University of Berlin will gladly answer any general questions regarding application and enrollment procedures.

The application deadline is May 31 (received by).

Lecture and Course Catalog
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