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Media Acquisitions

The library grant, provided by the Department of Culture in cooperation with the JFKI’s head librarian, serves to make research material in art history more equivalent in scope and accessibility to other core fields of American Studies, such as politics, literature, or film and television. Specifically, the grant enables each new Terra Visiting Professor to work closely with the library to systematically build and annually update a reliable research collection in American art history and visual culture.

Media Acquisition for the summer 2023 term (Prof. Julia Rosenbaum).

Media Acquisition for the winter 2019 and summer 2020 term (Prof. Joshua Shannon).

Media Acquisition for the winter 2018 and summer 2019 term (Prof. Laura Katzman).

Media Acquisition for the winter 2017 and summer 2018 term (Prof. Lauren Kroiz).

Media Acquisition during winter 2016 and summer 2017 (Prof. Allison Stagg).