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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see here for information on the seminar and registration.

For the current rules and restrictions due to covid-19 please see here.

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Please contact the respective lecturer you would like to supervise your theses and state your topic or research area. Please also hand in your latest transcript.

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The department of economics at the JFKI will offer all bachelor classes and the master seminar U.S. Economic Policy as in-person sessions. The foundation course UNA B by the departments of sociology, political science and economics will be online, however, the tutorials will mainly be in in person. We will not offer hybrid teaching.

Please first try to register on campus management.

As the places in the seminar are restricted to 25 you might not get a place. In this case please write an e-mail to economics@jfki.fu-berlin.de asking to be added to the waiting list. It is then also essential to participate in the first session.