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GSNAS admits up to ten doctoral candidates per year who pursue a doctoral project in the field of North American Studies (i.e. the dissertation has to relate to the U.S. and/or Canada) in one of the six disciplines represented at the John F. Kennedy Institute (culture, economics, history, literature, political science, sociology).

The application process for doctoral grants (one year) for our three-year doctoral program (2025-2028) will start in late October 2024. Applications can be submitted online via the DRS application platform (please select "I want to apply to the GSNAS" from the dropdown menu). The deadline is January 31, 2025. You will find a list of all necessary application documents and the URL of the application platform here.

Interviews with shortlisted doctoral candidates will be held online on April 9, 2024 (10am-1pm) after the internal review process has been completed. Admission to the program starts in October 2024 (German fall term).

Doctoral grants for the one-year qualification period are awarded by Freie Universität Berlin.

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