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Curriculum Vitae Mareike Wegener

Born 1983. Studies of Audio-Visual Media, Academy of Media Arts, Köln, Studies of Media Science, New School, New York. Since 2008 work as free author, director, and cutter. Founder of the moviemaker collective PETROLIO FILM. "Mark Lombardi: Death-Defying Facts of Art and Conspiracy" is her first full-length documentary.

The Movie

Brooklyn based artist Mark Lombardi created graphic artwork portraying the opaque global network of financial and political elites, including their ties to international terrorism. His masterpiece - "BCCI" - was investigated by the FBI after the attacks of September 11th, 2001. By that time, however, the artist was dead from an apparent suicide one year earlier, just as his career was reaching new heights. "Mark Lombardi: Death-Defying Acts of Art and Conspiracy" investigates an artist whose works transformed contemporary power structures into visual art and whose death left many questions regarding this system's intentions and breadth.

Dahlem Research School
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft