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This reader features articles and other informational material that should help you prepare for the Tampa workshop.

  • Results of Survey on Alliances 2004-2005, by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), and the Canadian Federation of Business Schools Deans (CFBSD)
    [pdf, 170KB]

  • Dan LeClair, AACSB International: Presentation on Strategic Alliances, at the 2003 Graduate Programs Conference
    [pdf, 570KB]

  • Tricia Bisoux: B-Schools Without Borders, AACSB - BizEd, 09/2003
    [pdf, 570KB]

  • Tricia Bisoux: Globally Speaking, AACSB - BizEd, 09/2003
    [pdf, 440KB]

  • Ulrich Schüle: Joint and Double Degrees Within the European Higher Education Area – Towards Further Internationalisation of Business Degrees, CIDD Papers on International Business Education, No 1, 2006.
    [pdf, 460KB]

  • Tomas M. Hult (Ed.): Study Abroad Programs in Business Schools: Issues and Recommendations by Leading Educators, Report of the Michigan State University Center for International Business Education and Research, 2001 Roundtable on Study Abroad Programs in Business Schools, East Lansing, MSU Press 2002.
    [pdf, 660KB]

  • Linda V. Gerber and Robert T. Green: Educator Insights: Strategic Partnerships for Global Education – Linkages with Overseas Institutions. In: Journal of International Marketing, Vol. 4, No 3, 1996.
    [pdf, 790KB]

  • Linda V. Gerber and Robert T. Green: Linkages With Overseas Business Schools: Keys to Success. In: Internationalizing Business Education: Meeting the Challenge, ed. by S. Tamer Cavusgil, East Lansing, MSU Press 1993.
    [pdf, 120KB]