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Please just list with whom you would like to work. The final decision on the supervisor and the team of mentors will be based on the interview in February.


Please take a look at the homepages of the professors to find more detailed information on their research projects and publications. You’ll find the names of the faculty members and the links to their websites listed under Faculty.


In exceptional cases, degrees of disciplines related to the ones represented at the JFKI may be accepted to the program. However, it is important that your dissertation project matches with the research areas of the Graduate School.


All applicants who are neither native English speakers nor have earned a degree at a university with English as language of instruction are required to submit certification of their English proficiency with TOEFL, CAE or IELTS scores.


Results of the TOEFL (CAE or IELTS) exam can be handed in after the application deadline, but should not arrive later than the following February 1. If you are not able to submit the certificate of your English proficiency by January 31, please note on your application form under ‘additional remarks’ the approximate date when to expect the results of your TOEFL/ CAE / IELTS.


Dahlem Research School
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft