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Thursday, November 13, 2014

9:25-9:40h Frank Kelleter, Alexander Starre: Introduction

SESSION 1: Literary Institutions and Literary History

Chair: Jessica Gienow-Hecht

Günter Leypoldt (Heidelberg): "Uses of Literature in the Age of Academic Literary Studies"

Mark McGurl (Stanford): "The Posthuman Comedy: Imagining the End of Literary History"
11:25-11.45h Coffee Break

SESSION 2: Networks and Practices

Chair: Martin Klepper

Rita Felski (Virginia): "Critical and Postcritical Reading"

Frank Kelleter (FU Berlin), Daniel Stein (Siegen): "Popular Seriality: Aesthetics and Practice"
13:30-14:45h Lunch

SESSION 3: Knowledge I

Chair: Sarah Wasserman

Heike Paul (Erlangen): "Presence and Tacit Knowledge"

Sabine Sielke (Bonn): "Knowledge Ecologies North America: Changing Patterns in a Global Dynamics"
16:30-17:00h Coffee Break

SESSION 4: Knowledge II

Chair: Talel Ben Jemia

Florian Sedlmeier (FU Berlin): "Archives, Field, Positions: Howells and Realism"

Ruth Mayer (Hannover): "Short and Concise: Narration and Knowledge in Film, 1900/2000"
19:00h Reception


Friday, November 14, 2014


SESSION 5: The Economics and Aesthetics of Security

Chair: Markus Kienscherf

Boris Vormann (FU Berlin): "Market Failure and Patterns of State Intervention"

Johannes Voelz (Frankfurt): "Security and the Uncertain Worlds of Fiction"
11:15-11:45h Coffee Break

SESSION 6: Alterity, Materiality, and the Literary

Chair: Simon Schleusener

Philipp Schweighauser (Basel): "Of Cultural, Poetic, and Medial Alterity: The Scholarship, Poetry, Photographs, and Films of Edward Sapir, Ruth Fulton Benedict, and Margaret Mead"

Babette B. Tischleder (Göttingen): "American Studies and the New Materialisms: Vibrant Matter at Work in the American Literary Imagination"
13:30-14:45h Lunch

SESSION 7: Space and Diaspora

Chair: Lora Anne Viola

Robert Reid-Pharr (CUNY), Martin Lüthe (FU Berlin): "Looking For(ward) and Beyond the Black Atlantic: Contemporary African Immigration in the US and Germany"

Barbara Buchenau (Duisburg-Essen), Jens Gurr (Duisburg-Essen), Julia Sattler (TU Dortmund): "Spaces - Communities - Representations: Urban Transformations in the USA"
16:30-17:00h Coffee Break

SESSION 8: Cultural Emplacement

Chair: Ulla Haselstein

Klaus Benesch (LMU München): "Cultural Immobility: The Tradition of Antimodern Modernism and the Role of Intellectuals"

Laura Bieger (Freiburg): "No Place Like Home: A Narrative Theory of Belonging"
19:00h Conference Dinner: Alter Krug

Saturday, November 15, 2014


SESSION 9: Memory and Cognition

Chair: Ahu Tanrisever

Udo Hebel (Regensburg): "New England Anniversary Orations"

Peter Schneck (Osnabrück): '"It can never be satisfied, the mind, never': American Studies and the Question of Cognition"
10:45-11:00h Coffee Break

SESSION 10: Forces of Narrative

Chair: Maria Sulimma

James Dorson (FU Berlin): "The Art of Mastery (and Drift): Managerialism and American Literary Naturalism”

Jan Stievermann (Heidelberg): "The Ethnic Fantastic: Ambiguous Encounters with the Supernatural in Contemporary American Minority Literatures"
12:45-13:45h Lunch

SESSION 11: Masculinities and Sports

Chair: Michaela Hampf

Simon Wendt (Frankfurt): "Marginalized Masculinities and the American Nation: African American and Native American Military Heroism, 1941-1978"

Christoph Ribbat (Paderborn): "Basketball: A Cultural History"
15:30-16:00h Winfried Fluck (FU Berlin): Concluding Remarks
afterwards Frank Kelleter, Alexander Starre: Farewell
John F. Kennedy Institute